Hire Remote Workers

Hire Remote Workers

On-Demand IT Staffing

You are a hiring manager looking to fill a missing skill set or role on your team, assemble a full team or leverage a fully-managed team operating agile best practices. Our platform offers on-demand IT staffing services and our smart matching system will connect you to an experienced recruiter from our network for quick and affordable sourcing of top IT talent.

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You are an independent recruiter and regularly screen IT resources and have access to a pool of top IT talent. We welcome you to join our network of recruiters to grow your business. We will feed you

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Use Cases for Utilizing Remote Workers

Business Process Outsourcing: Large business processes consisting of multiple, time-consuming activities can be broken down into many smaller Remotetasks that our platform is made to help you complete. Our network of RemoteWorkers can be tasked to perform widely different tasks for your business which can eventually be integrated into your larger business processes.

Market Research and Surveys: To get reliable survey results from real people, task members of our vast network of RemoteWorkers to participate in your questionnaire for honest feedback that you can use.

Gather data and build data sets: Our RemoteWorkers can help gather data or information for your company’s online services. This could specifically include a verification of the operating hours for a given business or collecting data from websites based on your needs. Build new data sets or enrich existing databases using the power of our RemoteWorkers.

Cleanse, categorize and prepare data for analysis: Use our RemoteWorkers for data-wrangling activities so you have the data you need for analysis. Our RemoteWorkers can help normalize, categorize, de-duplicate, or enrich your data sets to help you get from large pieces of data to insightful analysis faster.

Moderate user-generated content: Remoteworkers in our network can help in content review to ensure that content can be rated based on your guidelines or flagged for inappropriateness.

Assisting your Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Initiatives: Our network of RemoteWorkers can help any AI company gather and sort through human annotated data to train new systems. By leveraging RemoteWorkers from our platform, you can build datasets that would advance your machine learning models and research through training exercises that teach the model common sense knowledge. Our RemoteWorker’s annotations can be used to enhance computer vision, natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to identify and label objects, recognize sentiment, classify data points, and make predictions.


Hire Remote IT Workers

Hire Remote IT Workers & Feelancers

On-Demand Information Technology Staffing

Our platform makes it easy to hire top IT talent on full time or contract basis. You can fill either individual roles or assemble a full project team. Using our platform, you can target any of these roles:

ERP Consultants - Functional and Technical Consultants – SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle ERP Cloud

Business Analysis - Business Analyst, IT Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Business Architect, Solution Architect, Manager Business Analysis

Solutions Delivery - IT Project Manager, IT Program Manager, Solutions Delivery Manager, Manager IT Programs

Service Desk - Service Desk Specialist (Functional), Service Desk Technician (Technical), Manager Service Desk

Client Systems Engineering - Client Systems Administrator, Client Systems Engineer, Manager Client Systems

Cloud Services - Cloud Services Engineer, Cloud Services Architect

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Site Reliability - Site Reliability Engineer, Site Reliability Manager

Information Security - Information Security Engineer, Manager IT Security

Infrastructure Program Management - Infrastructure Project Manager, Infrastructure Program Manager, Manager Infrastructure Programs

Systems Engineering - Systems Administrator, Systems Architect, Manager Systems / IT Infrastructure

Software Engineering - Software Engineer, Tech Lead, Manager Software Engineering

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Business Intelligence - BI software engineer, Data Analyst, BI Tech Lead, BI Architect, Manager Business Intelligence

Database Administration - Database Administrator, Senior Database Administrator

Quality Assurance - Technical Writer, QA Analyst, QA Engineer / Tester, Manager Quality Assurance

Release Management - Release Engineer, Manager Release Management

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Hire Remote Freelancers

We have created a crowdsourcing marketplace where individuals and businesses can outsource online tasks to our vast network of freelancers and RemoteWorkers in minutes.

You may get online tasks done from individual RemoteWorkers or from multiple RemoteWorkers.

Tasks Needing Multiple RemoteWorkers

As a digital marketing firm, you can place orders for online tasks that require multiple RemoteWorkers like:

Social Media Marketing: on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat by sharing your website and ‘refer a friend’ referral links

App Downloads: App download, install and write reviews for iOS and Android Apps

Website and App Testing: Website Testing, iOS App Testing, Android App Testing and Application Testing

Surveys: A customer creates a survey and shares with our Remoteworkers for them to compete. Once a Remoteworker completes the survey, they have to submit proof of completion of survey before they get paid.

Website and blog comments: You can hire multiple RemoteWorkers to leave their comments on your blogs, websites and review your client’s products and services.

Tasks Needing Individual RemoteWorkers:

As a digital marketing firm, you can place orders for online tasks that require individual RemoteWorkers like:

Virtual Assistant: For lead generation, managing your social media account, customer support activities, Email Marketing, Email Management, back office activities, data entry, Online Research etc.

Social Media Marketing: on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat by sharing your website and ‘refer a friend’ referral links

Articles / Blogs: Write or Edit Article or Blog Posts

Translation: Image, Test, Audio and Video Translation

Transcription: Image, Test, Audio and Video Transcription

Content Moderation (Vision): Image Moderation, Image Categorization, Image Tagging, Image Quality Rating, Video Quality Rating, Video Classification, Image Content, Image summarization, or Other Data Moderation

Language: Text Sentiment Analysis, Intent Detection, Emotion Detection, Video/Audio/Image/Text Translation, Video/Audio/Image/Text Transcription, or Document Classification

Other: Data Collection, Website collection, or Website classification

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