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Customer Acquisition Challenges

Customer acquisition is always a challenge for businesses whether they are small, medium or large enterprises. Social media advertising is expensive and often does not give the desired results. Your website has visitors, but they don't become paid customers because you are not collecting their contact information during their visit to your business website. Are you ready to acquire more customers?

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​Turn Customers into Advocates

Various studies assert that consumers are 5 times more likely to buy a product or service when they are referred to it by their friend. Additionally, similar studies suggest that 72% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product or service that they learn about from friends or family, and 89% of consumers trust referrals from people they know over referrals based on stranger testimony.​​ Implement Customer Loyalty Program on your business website and gain more customers by rewarding existing customers.

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Implement Referral Program

Though your business has a website that can be shared and accessed by almost anyone on the planet, does it lack the important customer referral functionality that would allow current happy customers to advertise your business to their friends at the click of a button?

We have developed a convenient tool for your business which is a combination of lead generation, customer loyalty and refer a friend. Acquire customers and supercharge growth for your business by implementing our ‘Customer Referral’ solution.

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Easy Customer Loyalty Solution

With the simple pasting of 4 lines of our JavaScript code onto your business website’s main page, which can be done by either you or our software engineers, we can help you implement the ‘CReferral Customer Referral Widget’ on your website. Existing customers and new visitors to your website will now be able to generate their individual referral link in minutes, share the same on social media platforms with their friends, and get rewarded for bringing in new customers to you in a manner that’s convenient, cheap, and effective.

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Implement Lead Generation Affiliate Marketing

When you implement CReferral's Customer Referral and Lead Generation widget, all visitors to your business website can easily signup by just providing their name, email and phone number. This data resides on the cloud but belongs to you. Moreover, the website visitors will be able to use the power of affiliate marketing to bring in more customers to you.

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Earn Money Working Remotely

Earn Money Working Remotely

Freelancer Jobs at CReferral

Become a part of our network of online RemoteWorkers to earn money from the comfort of your own home! Whether you are an educated stay at home mom, a bright college student, an experienced programmer or a school teacher who simply wants a simple and fun way to connect with people online and earn pressure-free money, becoming a RemoteWorker on our platform is an amazing opportunity.

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Earn Money Working Remotely

Our platform offers the following opportunities for you to work remotely and earn:

Information Technology Jobs

Like ERP Consultant, IT Project Manager, Business Analyst, Software Engineer. Cloud Services, Quality Assurance and much more.

Micro Tasks

Like Article / Blogs writing and editing, Virtual Assistant, SEO, Google Ads, Promotion on social media, text / audio / video translation and much more.

Remote Teaching / Training Jobs

Like Remote training on subjects like Computer science and language, Cloud Computing, Engineering, History, Humanities, Math and much more.

Attractive Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

Sign up using the below link:

Sign up as a RemoteWorker

Once you sign up, you will get your own referral link which you can pass on to friends and on social media. If any client signs up using your referral link, you will get $100.00 and they will get $50.00 when they order for at least $100 on our platform.


Hire Freelancers and RemoteWorkers

Hire Freelancers and RemoteWorkers

On Demand IT Hiring

If you are a hiring manager of a larger company in need of Information Technology Consultants, we can help you filling a missing skill set or role on your team, assemble a full team or leverage a fully-managed team operating agile best practices. On our platform, you can hire Information Technology Consultant specializing in ERP, IT Project and Program Management, Cloud Computing, Software Engineering, Business Analysis and Architecture and Quality Assurance.  

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On Demand MicroWorker Hiring

We have created a SaaS platform to make your job as an online business owner easier! We help you attract traffic to your website, app, or other products through the use of our revolutionary network of RemoteWorkers. You may want to hire them for tasks like writing articles or blogs, testing your website or web application, lead generation, gaining social media likes and making marketing posts to their followers on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Snapchat), and downloading, installing and reviewing iOS or Android apps. 

Our platform uses a smart matching system to connect you with qualified RemoteWorkers who will provide quality service at affordable prices and complete these Remotetasks to grow your business.

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Partner With Us

Partner With Us - Digital Affiliate Marketing

Promote Our 'Refer a Friend' Solution & Earn

We have an innovative 'Referral Marketing' Software that is an effective lead generation and customer acquisition tool. We invite you to become our partner for a long term business relationship that is both satisfying as well as profitable.

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Hire RemoteWorkers

Our RemoteWorkers are trained to perform tasks including but not limited to: social media marketing (on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram), virtual assistant, promoting products and services of your clients, lead generation, marketing of referral links for customer acquisition, website signup, iOS and Android app downloads and installs, increasing social media follows, content moderation, and article/ blog writing.

Make use of our platform’s vast network of RemoteWorkers who will work remotely 24/7 to provide quality service at attractive prices.

Secure and Scalable Solution CReferral is built on Azure Cloud

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